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Ask Mel Wednesday: Do I get a discount by using a Disney Vacation Specialist?

Question: Do I (the client) get any different discounts by using a Disney Vacation Specialist? Do agents have special discounts that are not available to everyone else?

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Answer: The short answer is no. There is no secret code that agents are given to get you a better rate on your vacation (I wish there was too!). The longer answer is this – by using a Disney Vacation Specialist you pay the same amount but with the added features of concierge planning, tips, tricks, information, and custom touring plans. So you are definitely getting a greater value. But by working with a Disney Vacation Specialist you are also getting someone who knows the ins and outs we well as where you can save some money on your vacation plans by putting together the vacation that fits you without unnecessary (and sometimes expensive) extras. As a Disney Vacation Specialist I also watch all of my client’s reservations and if a discount or promotion comes out that applies to them, I automatically apply it to save them money. So while there is no secret discount I work my hardest to save you headaches, time, and money!

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