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Fabulous Food Friday: Mozzarella and Tomato Salad

Today’s Fabulous Food Friday is a wonderful little concoction from Palo on the Disney Dream (part of the Disney Cruise Line). It is a starter course, Mozzarella and Tomato Salad. It was simply put, delicious. I have never had the pleasure of dining at Palo, and I am sure that their version is far superior to mine. But if my version was an indicator – sign me up for the next cruise!

A recipe from Palo

A tomato and mozzarella salad from Palo

A recipe from Palo

A tomato and mozzarella salad from Palo

As much as I love to cook, there are times when I look at a recipe and laugh. It might be phenomenal, but 8 hours of active cooking for one meal is a lot to ask of a girl. This salad was quick to make, colorful, and delicious. It even garnered high praise from a 5 year old and a picky 7 year old. They had theirs minus the tomato, for whatever reason, they will not eat tomatoes. This is one of those recipes that you throw together for company, they will be impressed and you didn’t spend all day in a kitchen. There are a couple of secrets to getting this right, the first is a good mozzarella. Last year I was lucky enough to get a quick course in how to make your own mozzarella while we were dining at Citricos. And the fresh made mozzarella there might be the best mozzarella I have ever had, but I am not making my own on a random Friday night (and I highly doubt that mine would be anywhere near as amazing as Chef Philip’s). But you can purchase a good, fresh mozzarella at most grocery stores or delis. This salad also calls for some pesto and chives. These two flavors work so well with the salad, we were amazed at small additions making big differences.

If you have a favorite Disney recipe that you want me to recreate and review, a restaurant you want to know more about, or a snack you need an opinion on – let me know!


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