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Magic Monday: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure

Agent P's World Showcase Adventure

Find these kiosks to sign up for a mission to help Agent P

Today we examine the (relatively) new Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. This replaces the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure that had previously existed. With the updated, modern characters that are a red-hot Disney commodity there was a lot of hope for this new adventure. While some things have changed, most of the missions are the same evil ploys (apparently Dr. Doofenschmirtz went to the same evil scientist school as Dr. Drakken).The changes to the adventures are in the logistics of starting your mission. Kim Possible made you sign up and then randomly assigned

Clues in Agent P's World Showcase Adventure

Follow the clues that Carl and Major Monogram give you to help Agent P defeat the evil Dr. Doofenschmirtz

you a time and country. This could throw a definitive monkey wrench in your touring plans or dining reservations. The new system allows you to get your mission assignment in the World Showcase. You just head to one of the Agent P kiosks and they will tell you which countries have missions available and you get to pick which country you would like to explore for your mission. From there your communication device, o F.O.N.E., takes over and Major Monogram and Carl will give you directions.  On average each mission takes about 20 minutes to complete and once you have completed you will have the choice of either depositing your F.O.N.E. in a drop box or continuing with another mission. As for reviews – both of my children loved it and asked to play again. As a parent – pick a country that you haven’t already explored on your own. After exploring the United Kingdom pavilion and THEN doing an Agent P mission in the same pavilion was a little too much time exploring the same places. I will give Agent P credit for making kids want to head into the World Showcase. Kids don’t always want to head into the World Showcase but thanks to Agent P my kids were clamoring to go!Pay attention, the answer is in the details

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