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Magic Mondays: Spaceship Earth

Everyone associates Epcot with it’s iconic geodesic dome. What some visitors don’t realize is that inside the geodesic dome is an attraction, Spaceship Earth. Spaceship Earth is a slow-moving dark ride that takes you through the history of communications. You board an omnimover vehicle and begin your journey. Each vehicle is equipped with a touchscreen and as your journey begins you will be asked some questions such as native language and your hometown. Then it begins, your glimpse into the history of communications. You will travel through audioanimatronic vignettes from the cavemen to ancient Egypt. You will hear about the movable type printing press and personal computers. The scenes show you how the change in communications have changed society and how we interact.

Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth as it appears from the entrance of Epcot

Once you begin your descent back, your touchscreen will come alive again and ask you a series of multiple choice questions about how you would like your future to look. Then your screen will show you a short movie (starring you) about your future based on your answers. And all of the things they talk about are based on technologies that currently exist.

When you exit the ride you are in a large game area. Here you will find 3-D and computer games to play. Some of the games that you can try your hand at include building a human body in Body Builder and InnerVision which tests your reflexes and memory skills. There is also a large screen that shows you dots over a global map, representing the hometowns of the visitors (as they were entered on the touchscreen at the beginning of the ride).

Spaceship Earth 2

Spaceship Earth from the World Showcase side of Epcot

This is a great ride for the whole family. I have even ranked it in my Top 5 Epcot Attractions for Kids. But be aware, this is the first attraction that you come across when you enter the park so often early morning lines are long. Consider waiting a little later in the day and there are almost no lines.

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