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Tip Time Tuesday: Build excitement for your trip – Countdown Calendars

Today’s tip is ONLY applicable if everyone in your traveling party knows you are going to Disney. If you plan on keeping it a secret from someone – stay tuned, next week’s Tip Time Tuesday is about how to keep it a surprise!


Countdown calendars

Help build excitement for an upcoming trip with a countdown calendar

There are lots of ways to build excitement about an upcoming Disney trip. Here are just a couple of ideas.

  1. Put up a countdown calendar. This can be as fancy or as simple as you like. Each night make a production out of crossing that day out and announcing how many more days you have left until vacation!
  2. Each morning pick a Disney song for the day. Play it or sing it to wake everyone up. If you feel particularly ambitious you can make a trivia game out of it – such as what ride or movie is the song from? What character sang it?
  3. Each day leading up to vacation pick a ride and have everyone say if they will or won’t ride it and why. Not only does this help build excitement it also helps you learn what your kids do (and don’t) want to ride. It’s okay to not ride everything!
  4. If you have little kids, the week before you travel have them tell you (one per day) what characters they want to meet. Only do this for a maximum of a week or else you will have a very long list and not enough vacation to find them all! Don’t know where to find a certain character? That’s part of what I do! I help my clients track down those hard to find characters.

There are tons more options on how to build excitement for your trip. If you have a special way you get ready for your Disney trip, e-mail me or comment below, I would love to hear other ideas!

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