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Tip Time Tuesday: Go with an open mind!

Today’s tip time is particularly poignant for those who are either first time visitors but have talked to people gathering their opinions or went to Disney as a child themselves (20+ years ago) and are just now going back. Let me start by saying that neither of these are bad things but it can lead you into prejudices against parks, attractions, and restaurants. I recommend starting your planning by going in with an open mind!

Up close image of a giraffe from Kilimanjaro Safaris

Don’t turn your back on all the great things Disney has to offer without doing your homework!

The idea for today’s tip time was born out of yesterday’s post about Living with the Land, a ride that was an opening day attraction at Epcot. I was at Epcot in 1982 when it opened and every year after that. It was the “educational theme park” that my mother would drag me to. As a child, once I saw the Land Pavilion that was it…I was ready to go! And many people who I talk to now tell me that there is nothing for that will interest their children at Epcot. Hold on! Before you dismiss Epcot so quickly realize that a lot has changed since 1982. Future World is now home to Soarin’, Test Track, Mission: Space, Journey into Imagination with Figment and The Seas with Nemo and Friends (plus many more!).

I also hear that Animal Kingdom is just a zoo, and why travel all the way to Disney World to visit a zoo – we can do that at home. Animal Kingdom offers safaris, animal exhibits, an amazing family roller coaster (or two!), two Broadway style shows and a chance to time travel back to the dinosaurs. Are you sure it’s just a zoo?

The moral of the story is look into what each park offers now and see if it is a good fit for your traveling party. If you still have questions – ask! I am happy to answer your questions about parks, attractions, restaurants and more. But before you discount an entire park based on pre-conceived notions – give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised!


  1. Great tips! I was just like you – Epcot was the “Learning” place when I was a kid. As an adult, I truly appreciate the opportunity to get to experience so much from other countries, to other environments different from my North Carolina home (water, space included too!) I can attest to once you really open up and are willing to experience all that the parks have to offer, and look past just the rides, there is so much more to do and take in!

    • It’s true and the funny part is it is my 8 year old’s favorite park and always has been! There is so much that each of the parks has to offer – part of the reason we all love it – something for everyone!

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