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Tip Time Tuesday: Morning Pictures

Waiting for a monorail

Snap a photo early in the morning

This is a tip no parent wants to hear but every parent should listen to. Have you ever turned your back, just for a second, only to turn back around and your child is not there? It is scary when it happens in your own backyard. Now imagine being at Disney World where there are kids everywhere, what do you do? You are so panic stricken you can’t remember is they had on pink shorts or a yellow skirt, a blue Donald Duck shirt or a green Buzz one. This is where a morning photo comes in handy!

When you are getting ready in the morning, after your child is all ready in the morning, after they are dressed and ready to head into the parks; snap their picture and make sure it is time stamped on your camera or phone. Have your child strike a pose, smile for the camera and make sure they are having fun. You know why you are taking this picture, they do not need to know anything other than you are taking a picture of them on vacation.

Snapping a picture to capture the moment

GT wanders too!

Then if you are ever in that panic stricken moment when you can’t spot your child, you will have a photo of your child in what they are wearing that day to show to the nearest Cast Member so that you can quickly be reunited with your child. And hopefully you will never need to use that photo to help you locate a child. At the end of the trip, when you are making your photo album, it also makes a cute before and after the parks montage; all smiles and energy before the parks and usually half asleep at the end of the day!

As a side note, this also works for adults! I love my father, but he tends to lose track of time and wander around looking at things. After one particular trip where we had to split up to find him (since he turns his cell phone off) I realized, I can employ the same tactics that I use with the kids, on him!

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