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Ask Mel Wednesday: Mid Day Breaks

Question: Do you recommend taking a mid day break from the parks?

Eliza taking a nap

Sleeping Beauty at Disney

Answer: People always seem to want a definitive answer to this question and they never seem happy with my response, “That’s up to you!” Each family is different and the needs of each person are unique. I am more than happy to explain what I mean.

We have never done the mid day break, even when our kids were young. There were a couple of reasons for this. Our kids were never big on their afternoon naps, even at home they would fight about taking a nap. Taking them out of the parks to rest (whether for them to rest or the adults) was not going to be any better than it was at home. When they did nap it was almost always a catnap so we let them doze in the stroller and used that time to shop or just walk around. The second reason we never did this is that no one in my family is a night owl. For us, 8 or 9 at night is a very late night. Usually we eat dinner and head straight back to the resort after dinner. Even when we have tried resting in the afternoon, by 8:30 we were all exhausted and that’s no fun!

Eliza after a short catnap in her stroller

Ready to go!

I have many friends, colleagues, and clients who will not entertain our method, they spend their afternoons away from the parks. And not all of these are people with small children who nap. Sure, some are families who want to make sure that the children get a nap. Some have older kids who head back for a swim. And still others are all adult parties who just want to get away from the mid day heat and crowds so they take a mid day break from the parks.

Whatever works for you and your family is the right answer! There are lots of great reasons to take a break from the parks – escape the heat of the afternoon, the higher crowd levels after lunch, taking a nap, resting, enjoying a grown-up beverage at a resort. But it isn’t for everyone, know your family and make your decision based on what is best for your family, not what “everyone” tells you to do.

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