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Ask Mel Wednesday: Single Rider Queues

Question: What rides off a single rider queue? Do I need a special pass? Can I use FastPass in the single rider queue? What about a large party, can we use the single rider queue?

Sunset Boulevard at Hollywood Studios

Checking in?

The rides that offer a single rider queue are Aerosmith’s Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster, Test Track, and Expedition Everest. There is no need for a special ticket or pass. You will see a single rider entrance for the ride, all you need to do is enter through this queue. You cannot use a FastPass for a single rider queue. A single rider can obtain and use the standard FastPass or use the single rider queue. The single rider queue can sometimes make your wait shorter. The rides that make use of the single rider queue have vehicles that accommodate a small, even number of people. When there are odd numbered groups of people, the Cast Members will use the single rider queue to fill the empty seats. When you enter the single rider queue you are acknowledging that your party will *not* be riding together. You are given the first available seat.

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