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Fabulous Food Friday: Konk Cooler

Konk Cooler, a frozen, slushy drink


Before we start with this week’s installment of Fabulous Food Friday I thought I would share what this is all about. Every Friday I will take a closer look at some delicious Disney goodie. Sometimes it will be a restaurant review, information about a great Disney treat, or a Disney recipe that I have attempted to recreate at home! If you have a Disney favorite that you want to see, please let me know!

Over on Mickey by Mel on Facebook we have been talking about the Disney Cruise Line today in honor of the christening of the newest Disney ship, the Fantasy. Disney Cruises got me thinking about Castaway Cay, Disney’s own private island in the Bahamas. After some research I was able to find a recipe from Castaway Cay, the Konk Cooler. It is a “grown-up” drink as they are called in my house. I am sure you could make a non-alcoholic version for the kiddos.

It is a hard job, but in the interest of bringing you the best and most information about Disney – I made myself one of these last night! The recipe is included at the bottom of the article and let me start by telling you this is enough for three good-sized drinks. I have never had the original at Castaway Cay but I will make sure to put it on my to-try list based on my at-home experimentation.

I took my first sip of this concoction last night and told my husband, “I am a steel drum band and beach towel away from paradise right now.” I am not usually a fruity, frozen drink person but this one was definitely a good one.

I would love to hear any first-hand experience with the Konk Cooler. Here is the recipe that I used:

  • 3 oz. dark rum
  • 3 oz. coconut flavored rum
  • 4 oz. orange juice
  • 8 oz. cream of coconut
  • 6 oz. passion fruit juice concentrate
  • 3 oz. ice

Put all ingredients in blender and blender until slushy.

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