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Magic Monday: Ah-Cha-Cha! That’s me, baby!

The World Showcase Players perform daily in the UK pavilion at Epcot

The World Showcase Players perform daily in the UK pavilion at Epcot

World Showcase Players

King Arthur and the Holy Grail as imagined by the World Showcase Players

Here it is, the post my family has been afraid I would write for the past 6 months! You all knew it was coming sooner or later and here it is! This Magic Monday post is all about the World Showcase Players. Each country in the World Showcase at Epcot has street entertainers that perform throughout the day. In the United Kingdom pavilion you can find the World Showcase players. The players are a wandering acting troupe who stumbles upon a crowd at Epcot (gasp, a crowd at Epcot – never!) and puts on a show for their audience. There is just one catch – they never seem to have enough actors to fill all the parts for their performance. The show that they perform changes from appearance to appearance so they keep it entertaining even if you have seen them perform before.

A question I often hear is, “How do I get picked to be a part of the show?” Well if my recent family experience is any indicator – look absolutely uncomfortable at the idea of being chosen! On our recent family trip we had all just come out of the shops to find the World Showcase Performers setting up for their next performance. So we decided to stick around and watch the show. My husband, who has been know to be a bit of a ham if put in the right situation (and this was one of them) was standing next to his father who looked like he was more than content to watch the show and definitely not be a part of it. Who do they pick? Why my father-in-law, of course! He was cast in the role of the king! Other audience members were selected to be Sir Lancelot and a witch. But the whole audience must participate to make the show go on. And while I don’t remember all of the audience lines I do remember, “All hail the king!” to which my father-in-law replied, “Ah-cha-cha, that’s me, baby!” The show was fantastic and entertaining. And Disney magic can bring out the actor in everyone because although I might be biased, I happen to think King Arthur’s performance was fantastic. Sir Lancelot kept getting “wrong” information from the Players to make him look silly and definitely got a good laugh out of the crowd. And we had a witch who didn’t speak any English. Which made the Players having to mime what they wanted her to do just hysterical.

Next time you find yourself in the World Showcase, grab a pint and watch the World Showcase Players. They are always entertaining and if you are selected, you get some great photo opportunities with the case, a commemorative button and some awesome family stories! Have you been selected as an actor with the World Showcase Players? If so, comment and tell us about your experience.

World Showcase Players

The cast of King Arthur and the Holy Grail as performed by the World Showcase Players.

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  1. On my first visit to Disney World, I was chosen to be in the Showcase players as the Queen. My mom and I had been shopping on one side of the street and my dad and sis on the other. My dad got pulled in to be my SON and the players had no idea we were related until after the show. It was SO funny. Still have great memories of Prince Puddles and the Queen, even 26 years later.

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