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Magic Mondays: Journey into Imagination with Figment

Figment, My favorite purple dragon

Figment gets a pal

Today’s Magic Monday entry takes us into Epcot for a ride with my favorite purple dragon, Figment. Journey into Imagination with Figment is tucked away in the Imagination! Pavilion. The easiest way I have of describing how to get to the pavilion is this: head for the Land Pavilion (where Soarin’ is) when you are in front of the Land sign, turn to your left and walk down to the next building, that is the Imagination! Pavilion. The great thing about Journey into Imagination with Figment is that it is fun for the whole family and there usually isn’t a very long wait. This is usually one of our first rides at Epcot. We will send dad down to Soarin’ for some FastPasses and the kids and I will take a ride with Figment. Usually by the time we are done, dad is back and we all head back in for another ride (we can’t let dad miss Figment, can we?) this way the kids get two rides early in the day, our FastPasses are taken care of and we are all relaxed and laughing to start our day.

On this ride you board a slow moving card that takes you on a journey using your senses and your imagination. Figment interrupts the journey at every turn to help teach us that so much of what we see, hear, and smell is tied to our imaginations. Luckily, Dr. Nigel Channing, the tour guide on our journey stops Figment before he can interrupt the taste and touch lab. Just imagine the trouble he could cause there! Instead Figment takes us on a tour of his house where we can see what happens when you let your imagination run wild!

This is a dark ride and while it is not scary if you have children who are afraid of the dark, you should tell them before boarding that it is dark and there is one moment of pitch dark during the ride. There is also a loud bang, flash, and gust of wind when Figment announces, “Imagination is a blast!” Usually telling children that Figment is going to “blast” us with air is enough to let them now it is coming without scaring them.

When you exit the ride you are let out in a play area where kids (and grown-ups) can let their imaginations run wild! You can conduct a Figment musician, match sounds and pictures, or even design (and e-mail) your own Figment.


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