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Magic Mondays: Snow White’s Scary Adventures

This week has me feeling nostalgic so I thought we would take a look at the Magic Kingdom ride – Snow White’s Scary Adventures. For those who haven’t ridden this Disney classic (or simply don’t remember it very well) here is a brief description.

Snow White's Scary Adventures

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Located in Fantasyland, Snow White’s Scary Adventures, which had most of the scary removed in the 1994 redesign, is a dark ride where you board one of the Seven Dwarfs mine trains and travel through the story of Snow White. You will encounter the Evil Queen and the old beggar woman, see the dwarfs working in the mine, and get a glimpse of Prince’s kiss to awaken the sleeping Snow White.

Snow White's Scary Adventures

Classic Magic Kingdom ride

This ride has been a Fantasyland staple since opening day in 1971. Sadly, it will be making it’s final run through the forest at the end of next month as they make way for the new Fantasyland and a new Snow White ride. Truth be told, I am torn about this development. We usually skip Snow White’s Scary Adventures. My kids aren’t huge fans of this ride and it is often crowded just to see vignettes and statues of movie scenes. I am hearing that the new Snow White ride will be much more exciting. But that is also part of it’s charm, it is old, original – before screens talked to us and we got to play games on rides. It told a classic story in the most magical place on Earth, and that was what Disney was (and is) all about. The little girl in me is sad to see it go. It has always been part of the Magic Kingdom and as a little girl my grandmother would ride this with me, back when it earned the scary in it’s name. I lost her when I was still very young but still remember riding this with her and hiding my face in her side during the scary parts. I know that the memories can’t fade, but seeing that sign had always been a reminder to me and that I am sad to see leave.

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