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Throwback Thursday: Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers

You may remember awhile back my excitement at finding Duck Tales on DVD at Costco. On that same trip we saw Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers Season 1. We should have bought it when we saw it because exhaustive searches of all our area Costcos (we have 4) turned up nary a trace either Duck Tales or Rescue Rangers. Thankfully the wonderful world of online shopping was there to save me from not having Rescue Rangers.

My mother, grandfather, Chip, Dale, and Gadget

Based on this photo op from Disney World I would date this photo sometime in 1989 or 1990.

This Disney animated show that ran from 1989 to 1990 featured the antics of Chip and Dale along with their new friends Gadget Hackwrench and Monterey Jack. These gumshoes help solve even the most puzzling of cases. And true to the original Chip ‘n Dale – each of these chipmunks has their own unique personality traits that can help (or hinder) the case. Chip is the de facto leader of the Rescue Rangers and is accused of being too serious and not knowing how to have fun. Dale on the other hand is laid-back and relaxed and he is often accused of being irresponsible and rash.

As much as I have always loved Chip and Dale this cartoon was not one of my favorites when I was younger. I listened to the entire first season of Rescue Rangers on a recent road trip as my kids watched them in the backseat. I must admit I was thoroughly entertained (as were my kids and husband). I can only assume that being able to see my favorite furry critters would have only made it better!

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

A recent internet search yielded hours of furry detective cartoons.

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