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Throwback Thursday: Pal Mickey

A plush Mickey Mouse at Disney World is by no means a unique site but from 2003 until 2008 Disney produced a unique interactive plush called Pal Mickey. These plush Mickey dolls interacted with guests as they traveled through the parks. At different points in the various theme parks Mickey would shake and giggle. All you had to do was press his hand and he would tell you about a nearby show or attraction, characters that might be in the area or short queue times for your general region of the park. Sometimes he would give you trivia, sometimes he would just point out an attraction, and he would ask you questions or tell jokes. Pal Mickey was available for purchase in many of the Disney stores throughout the parks or during his peak of popularity you could rent one for the day at the parks.

Pal Mickey

Pal Mickey gives you tips, tricks and information throughout the theme parks in Walt Disney World.

Pal Mickey was a big hit with many people, we had one that we would hand to the kids and they loved hearing Mickey talk to them and tell them about the rides. To this very day, my son is still concerned about Pal Mickey going near the water because Pal Mickey once pointed out Splash Mountain and that it might be fun for us but Pal Mickey shouldn’t go on because he doesn’t like getting wet.

Pal Mickey originally retailed for $50.00 and he went through 3 different iterations with several costumes along the way. Now he is relegated to the world of ebay where the going price for a Pal Mickey seems to be climbing. If you have a Pal Mickey, the sensors do still work inside the parks, so bring him back and enjoy your Pal Mickey!


  1. Thanks for the Blast from the Past! I miss seeing those Pal Mickey’s around the park

  2. Melissa I love your article on Pal Mickey. I have a Pal Mickey that is setting here on my desk. I really enjoyed taking my Pal Mickey around the parks. I wish they still had Pal Mickeys at the park. He is such fun.

  3. I have a Pal Mickey! I loved taking him to the parks. I even bought him different outfits for the seasons!

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