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Tip Time Tuesday: Be Realistic!

Cloudy day

Don’t let unrealistic expectations cloud your day

Today’s tip is another common sense tip but one that is all too often forgotten (by both first time visitors and seasoned Disney veterans). It is something almost every visitor to Disney is guilty of at some time or another. The tip is this: be realistic about what you can and what you can’t get done during a Disney visit or during a day at the Disney parks.

Too often I hear people say that they want to eat at Chef Mickey’s for a 9 am breakfast, head over to the Magic Kingdom and ride half the rides, take a mid-afternoon break, head back to the Magic Kingdom and see the afternoon parade and ride the rides they didn’t get on in the morning, eat dinner at 6 pm and be back at the hotel and have the kids in bed by 8 pm. There is nothing wrong with any one of these things but when you merge them you are setting yourself up for frustration and/or disappointment. Give yourself and your family time to enjoy your vacation and set realistic expectations of what you can get done.

Not sure what constitutes realistic expectations, contact me! I can help you figure it all out. But a good starting point is, if you are thinking to yourself, it will be a lot or a tight fit to get it all in – you have over scheduled and should take some things off your list!

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