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Tip Time Tuesday: Character Wake-Up Calls

Disney Wake-Up Calls

Wake-Up Calls from Mickey and the gang

We all know about hotel wake-up calls. You arrange for your wake-up call before you go to bed and the hotel so kindly acts as your alarm clock the next morning by phoning your room. Many of you probably already know that at Disney the wake-up calls usually feature a Disney character. Sometimes these are different depending on your resort, sometimes they are the same across Disney property. For instance, the summer of 2013 has been declared a “Monstrous Summer” and so all wake-up calls right now are featuring Mike Wazowski from Monsters University (due in theaters June 21).

Mike Wazowski and Mel finding some laughs

Mike Wazowski is helping wake-up guests at Disney during the Monstrous Summer of Fun!

Today’s tip helps you create some magic memories from a wake-up call. Usually mom or dad (or other grown-up) picks up the phone for the wake up call. Instead, try setting an alarm for the grown-up before the wake-up call comes in. Then rouse your children to answer the phone while it is ringing. Then they can greet their day with a Disney character saying, “Good morning!” or some other silly phrase rather than mom and dad having the fun phone call and then trying to wake up the kids. If you have more than one child, you can alternate who answers the phone each day, or if you are standing by you can put the phone on speaker so the whole family can wake up with a smile!

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