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Tip Time Tuesday: Get a little “Goofy”

Chris and Goofy hamming it up

There’s always time to be Goofy at Disney World!

Today’s tip holds true no matter your age: it’s perfectly okay to act a little goofy at Disney World. Whether you are a full-grown man wearing mouse ears or a mom who lets her kids have an ice cream sundae for lunch – breaking out of your normal role can be fun. Even if it is only for an afternoon! So embrace your silly side, break “the rules” and let your ears down. Disney World has a magical way of bringing out the kid in all of us – enjoy it! And be sure to throw your hands up in the air and scream as you race through Space Mountain. Don’t worry, no one will see!

Welcome to Canada!

Mo and Eliza say, “Ta-da! We made it to Canada!”

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