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Tip Time Tuesday: How to save your Disney balloons

Today’s Tip Time Tuesday has to do with all those beautiful Mickey balloons that you find at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Without fail, almost every child I meet wants a Mickey balloon (and a lot of adults too!) Today I will share with you a couple of my favorite balloon tips!

First – the balloon vendors only take cash – and these are some pricey balloons (~$12-15 per balloon), so make sure you have the cash on hand before you promise a balloon to someone only to find out all you have is a room charging key and your American Express. (Been there, done that – it creates problems!)

Second – it seems like a lot for a balloon, and in all fairness, it is. Although go to your local party supply store and the giant helium balloons are not cheap! But, the Disney balloons definitely keep their float for longer than just a day or two. It is not uncommon for a balloon to still be going strong at the end of a week’s vacation which brings me to the next tip…

Buy your balloon early in your trip! Since it will keep it’s helium for awhile – this will allow you and your kids to enjoy the balloon all week, you can even bring it back and forth to the parks every day (except Animal Kingdom) and tie it to your stroller so that you can easily spot yours in the crowd. If you are staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, you are not allowed to bring the balloons to your rooms. This is for the safety of the animals on the savannah – if a balloon got loose on the savannah it could potentially harm an animal. BUT you can still buy a balloon and have bell services hold onto it for you. You can even retrieve it from bell services in the morning before you go to the parks – just remember it has to go back into bell services when you get back!

Finally – your vacation is over but your balloon is still going strong – what do you do? Well, luckily we drive – so our balloons stay inflated and just get put in the back of our truck. It makes seeing out the back window a little difficult, but the balloons come home intact. Now, if you are flying, don’t dismay – your balloon can still come home as a memento of your trip, it just has to be deflated. Take a pin and puncture a small hole in the balloon – flatten it to let all the air out. Fold up your balloon and put it in a suitcase. Then when you get home you can pin it to your wall as a picture of your Disney trip!


  1. Those balloons are amazing!! We got some for our kids on our 1st trip and they lasted for WEEKS after we got home!

  2. I hadn’t thought of flattening my balloon to take it home with me. That’s a great idea! If I get a balloon on my next trip in August, I’ll give it a try 🙂

  3. I’ve only had one mickey balloon all my life and that is all I want because i remember that one fondly!

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