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Tip Time Tuesday: Plan some downtime

You have heard my take on the mid-day break. In a related topic, today’s tip is this: plan some downtime into your vacation. Obviously this tip won’t work well for a short trip to Disney. But if you plan to be down at Disney for four or more days consider what you will feel like at the end of your vacation if you are on the go from park open to park close every day – you will need a vacation to recover from your vacation. Downtime can come in many forms – the mid-day break, sleep in one day, head home from the parks a little earlier one day, or schedule a day just to spend at the resort and pool. Decide which of these tactics works best for your family and try it out.

One of the most frequent objections I hear to this is the following, “This might be our only trip to Disney World. I want to make sure we see everything.”  I usually half-jokingly tell them that if that is their plan they will probably never go back to Disney because they will be frustrated and exhausted at the end of their vacation. If your concern, I recommend sitting down and figuring out what you want to see and what is optional or work with a professional to figure out how to maximize your time. But no matter what – it is better to take a break and miss an attraction or two than to go non-stop and miss all the magic.

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